Brett & Solène

Like all great couples, they met on gumtree. She replied to an add looking for a housemate. A week later she moved in. Solène taught Brett to enjoy wine, Brett taught Solène to enjoy beer. It seems to work. Somewhere along the way Solène forgot which room was hers.



A country boy originally, growing up on a cattle farm in the small town of Three Springs, Western Australia. He was 19 when he took the plunge into travel and signed up as a woodwork teacher at Camp America in the USA. From there he discovered his love for travel and spent the next  ten years wandering around the planet visiting eighty plus countries on (almost) all continents.


In 2010 he started Auswest Meats, a meat wholesale company which he still owns and runs today. In 2014, on a whim he and his best mate decided to open Samson’s Paddock, a boutique restaurant, wine and whisky bar in Mosman Park, Perth,


Brett’s loves are travel, design, good food (cooking and eating), good booze and podcasts.



Born in Ardèche, the only region in France without an airport, train or motorway. It’s amazing that she was able to find a way out. After a stint as a rebellious teenager she put herself through law school, graduating with a masters degree in corporate law.


She got her first passport only four years ago to embark on a quick holiday to Australia. Four years later, that holiday is ongoing. She spoke no English when she arrived so was forced to take a different career path and quickly went from being a waitress to managing one of Perth’s best boutique restaurant, wine and whisky bars for the last 3 years. 


Solène’s loves are chardonnay, reading, being outdoors, and Popo (her bff).