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Mexico #8

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

June 2019 – length of stay 45 days

But we are coming back soon

After the disappointment of not driving through Central America, we eventually got super excited to start our leg 2 in Mexico. We shipped the car from Cartagena (Colombia) to Veracruz (Mexico) and Brett and I flew over and spent 2 weeks in an Airbnb in Mexico City while waiting for the car to arrive. We really enjoyed this break by exploring the great suburbs of the city and by having 32 tacos the first three days and then one a day.

The result of the second rule is we got sick… But your stomach got to get used to!

For the first time of the trip, we managed to get a bit of planning ahead. We came up with a route (that we already changed as I am writing) and we decided to go South first (Southern Mexico and Guatemala), then go to the US to enter again into Mexico to explore the North.

Sixty-two tacos later, the car arrived. And we were on the road again!


Mexicans are not the most smiling people on Earth but it doesn’t affect their friendliness. They are very great people. Most of it, at least for Brett, lots of them speak English, he can finally have a full conversation with someone other than me.


Mexico city; each suburb has its vibe but luckily each suburb has a taco joint.

Palenque; a huge Mayan archaeological site situated in the middle of jungle without loads of tourists.

Agua Azul; an amazing nature creation that has made a natural water playground for the little and the big ones.

Northern Yucatan region; still a wild area with lots of cenotes including Choj-Ha next to Valadollid.


Fuel is expensive.

Food & booze

Mexico did not fail to its reputation. Food is good, of course, they have got the best tacos but not only. From meat to seafood across the country, the food has been the best in the last 11 months. I haven’t tried the wine yet… well, I kind of got afraid of trying any wine since my several experiences in South America. Instead, I am trying to like mescal (their famous spirit made from agaves but on the artisanal way) but it seems to be a lost cause - not for Brett though.

Camping scene

Free camping is not the best but it is okay except along the Caribbean coast from Cancun to Tulum where nothing is available. The paid campsites are very good and super cheap.

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