• Solène Abauzit Rodrigues

Ecuador #6

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Mid-April 2019 – length of stay 13 days

We are always looking forward to the next adventure and didn’t really know what we would find in this small country considering that Galapagos islands wasn’t for this time, what was left then? As soon as we passed the customs in Ecuador, we were hit by the warmth and friendliness of the people which always announces a good start in the country. We have been pleasantly surprised with the nature, the people and the food!!

It is also in Ecuador that we found our heaven of a camp spot. The “road” to go THE spot wasn’t long but in real bad condition; a declivity of 20%, huge washouts over large boulders and through thick scrub.


They were the friendliest people so far (except for 2 individuals – see the story below). They were really easy going, talkative, smiling and very respectful but gosh, they are tinny.


The volcano crater lake of Quilotoa, a unique nature creation

The coastal area of the National park Machalilla with lots of surfing beaches and tropical forests

Quito, the very pretty colonial capital


Being told to leave from a public beach in Olon the first day we arrived because we haven’t consumed in one of the restaurants nearby! Yes, it happened! As the raison was completely absurd, we did not move and got the support of the village. We even randomly got a lawyer on our side the third time those people asked us to leave. We ended up staying in the exact same spot 5 days with locals coming up to us to apologize for what we had to face with this couple of local idiots.

Food & booze

It is so cheap! For a full breakfast, you pay around 3 US dollars and for a typical lunch, 3.50 dollars. A typical lunch is a 3-course starting with a local soup (chicken or potatoes), a main and a dessert. They often include a fresh juice with it. It is not gastro, it is a simple food but good! And the value is unbeatable! Wine and spirits, we forget about it but we have found a couple of very good breweries.

Camping scene

They are not lots of options of wild camping but when you find them, they are stunning spots; on the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean and the sunset, on the grass near a lake looking at a distinct volcano, on the beach between palm trees. And most of the time, you are alone!

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